Rants From The Black Lodge (Archive)

Demon Knight (1995)

May 01, 2019 The Rant Army Episode 22
Rants From The Black Lodge (Archive)
Demon Knight (1995)
Show Notes

Underappreciated but definitely not forgotten the Tales From the Crypt feature film, Demon Knight is spotlighted this month on the Rants From the Black Lodge Podcast. However, the Black Lodge has been accustom to visitors and this month is no different with an appearance from the legendary voice of the Crypt Keeper, John Kassir.
Listen along as they discuss the history of Tales From the Crypt from page to screen, their love for Billy Zane and their less than affectionate views towards Jada Pinkett and her children.

Host: Brandon A. Lane
Commentator: Fat Tony

Sponsor: NGW Wrestling

Special Thanks: 
John Kassir 
@John Kassir

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