Rants From The Black Lodge

Ghoulies (1985)

November 21, 2018 Episode 16
Rants From The Black Lodge
Ghoulies (1985)
Rants From The Black Lodge
Ghoulies (1985)
Nov 21, 2018 Episode 16
The Rant Army
Show Notes

The Rants From the Black Lodge crew celebrate crossing the 1,000 member threshold in the Facebook group with the announcement of an upcoming bonus episode but til that comes to pass the members of the Rant Army can enjoy our feature length running commentary track for the 1985 cult classic Ghoulies with a special appearance from cult director and the film's editor Ted Nicolaou. If the director of such classics as TerrorVision, Bad Channels and the Subspecies films isn't enough to wet your appetite the perhaps the run-in of international professional wrestling star Danny Rainbows during your fan questions segment will.
What was intended to be just another episode quickly became the strangest episode in the show's history... enjoy if you dare.

Host: N'Sane Brandon Lane
Commentator: Fuckin' Judd

Sponsors: NGW Wrestling

Special Thanks: 
Ted Nicolaou

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