Rants From The Black Lodge

The Evil Dead (1981)

August 01, 2019 Episode 25
Rants From The Black Lodge
The Evil Dead (1981)
Rants From The Black Lodge
The Evil Dead (1981)
Aug 01, 2019 Episode 25
The Rant Army
Show Notes

730 Days and 24 episodes later the Rant Army step outside the Black Lodge and into the Deadite infested woods of Morristown, Tennessee, the filming location where Sam Raimi birthed his blood soaked masterpiece, The Evil Dead, to celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary of the show. So, if it's a war those pesky minions of the Book of the Dead want we've got a ringer on the front lines, none other than Ray Santiago aka Pablo from Ash Vs the Evil Dead.
In addition to all the mayhem we also have a nice sit down interview with William Mahaffey, the owner of east Tennessee's best kept film going secret, Central Cinema.

Host: Brandon A. Lane
Commentator: Fat Tony

Sponsor: NGW Wrestling

Special Thanks:
Ray Santiago

William Mahaffey and Central Cinema

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